Golden Gate Fertility Centre is the only fertility centre in malaysia that uses integrated Chinese and Western medical diagnosis method. Our treatment method is to confirm diagnosis, find out the root cause of infertility and using pure Chinese herbal medication to build up the reproductive system and regulate the endocrine system. We also focus on improving the quality of semen and eggs to improve fertility chances and to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Please feel free to come and visit or contact us as we provide extensive care and free consultation to aid and answer any questions or any difficulties you have.

Why choose Golden Gate?

  • Lower risk of miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, preterm deliveries, pregnancy complications, birth defects, obesity and ovarian hyperstimulation

  • Don't give up your hopes to get pregnant before you see us

  • We have helped more than 1500 couples get pregnant

  • Promote stability of marital bondage through natural conception and improved sexual health

  • More than 25 years of history in Malaysia

  • Ensuring a healthy establishment of one's health, one's pregnancy, one's child, one's future and all of our country's future

  • Preserve natural selection the natural law whereby only the best can be chosen

  • We provide you another option beside IVF

  • Lower stress level, depression and improve sleep & circadian cycles throughout treatment as well as improving psychological health through acupuncture and herbal medicine

  • Improve the foundation of a healthy family through not only improving the health of the future parents but also through the increase intimacy of marital relationships

  • Ensure continuing betterment and improvement in every coming generation through natural selection and improvement of a healthy pregnancy

  • Improve general health and menstrual cycles throughout the treatment


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